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Format FLAC 5593 Kbps
MP3 320 Kbps
Size 1593.28 Mb

Karate '1972

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Play List

1. Breakout - Daje Ci Prog [I Am Giving You The Threshold]
2. Breakout - Takie Moje Miasto Jest [This Is My Town]
3. Breakout - Noca Puka Ktos [Somebody's Knocking At The Door At Night]
4. Breakout - Powiedzmy To [Let's Say This]
5. Breakout - Rzeka Dziecinstwa [The River Of Childhood]
6. Breakout - Jest Gdzies Taki Dom [There Is Such A House Somewhere]
7. Breakout - Sliska Dzisiaj Droga [The Road Is Slippery Today]
8. Breakout - Zaprowadzic Ciebie Musze Tam [I Must Show You The Way There]
9. Breakout - Karate [Carate]