The Genuine Bootleg Series Take 2
GenreFolk Rock
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CountrySCBO201/02/03, US
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The Genuine Bootleg Series Take 2 '1996

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01-Bob Dylan-The Two Sisters
02-Bob Dylan-Lang A-Growin
03-Bob Dylan-Corrina Corrina
04-Bob Dylan-Thats Alright Mama
05-Bob Dylan-Hero Blues
06-Bob Dylan-Long Time Gone
07-Bob Dylan-Lay Down Your Weary Tune
08-Bob Dylan-Guess Im Doing Fine
09-Bob Dylan-Mr Tambourine Man I
10-Bob Dylan-Mr Tambourine Man II
11-Bob Dylan-Its All Over Now Baby Blue
12-Bob Dylan-Lunatic Princess Revisited
13-Bob Dylan-I Dont Wanna Be Your Partner
14-Bob Dylan-Freeze Out
15-Bob Dylan-Does She Need Me I II
16-Bob Dylan-Like A Rolling Stone
01-Bob Dylan-Im Not There
02-Bob Dylan-Silent Weekend
03-Bob Dylan-Lang A-Growin
04-Bob Dylan-Banks Of The Royal Canal
05-Bob Dylan-Wild Mountain Thyme
06-Bob Dylan-Tomorrow Is A Long Time
07-Bob Dylan-Spanish Is The Loving Tongue
08-Bob Dylan-George Jackson
09-Bob Dylan-Goodbye Holly
10-Bob Dylan-House Of The Rising Sun
11-Bob Dylan-Nobody Cept You
12-Bob Dylan-Tangled Up In Blue
13-Bob Dylan-Abandoned Love
14-Bob Dylan-People Get Ready
15-Bob Dylan-The Water Is Wide
16-Bob Dylan-Reposession Blues
17-Bob Dylan-If You See Her Say Hello
18-Bob Dylan-Stop Now II
19-Bob Dylan-Coming From The Heart
01-Bob Dylan-Aint Gonna Go To Hell
02-Bob Dylan-Coverdown Breakthrough
03-Bob Dylan-The Grooms Still Waiting At The Altar
04-Bob Dylan-Magic
05-Bob Dylan-Heart Of Mine
06-Bob Dylan-Nadine
07-Bob Dylan-We Three
08-Bob Dylan-The Dawn Is Gonna Shine
09-Bob Dylan-Almost Done II
10-Bob Dylan-Freedom For The Stallion
11-Bob Dylan-Somethings Burning Baby
12-Bob Dylan-To Fall In Love With You
13-Bob Dylan-Got Love If You Want It
14-Bob Dylan-Dont Keep Me Waiting Too Long
15-Bob Dylan-Broken Days
16-Bob Dylan-Born In Time
17-Bob Dylan-Most Of The Time
18-Bob Dylan-Series Of Dreams

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