You Should Be At Home Here
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MP3 320 Kbps
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You Should Be At Home Here '2001

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Track list

1. (00:03:12) Carissa's Wierd - brooke daniels' tiny broken fingers
2. (00:05:20) Carissa's Wierd - the color that your eyes changed with the color of your hair
3. (00:00:00) Carissa's Wierd - halfway spoken heart that feels comfort in everything until it disapperas and...
4. (00:03:05) Carissa's Wierd - a loose hair falls into a glass of water without ice
5. (00:02:35) Carissa's Wierd - fear not my friend for tonight we ride
6. (00:05:25) Carissa's Wierd - blessed arms that hold you tight, freezing cold and alone
7. (00:02:46) Carissa's Wierd - all apologies and smiles, yours truely, ugly valentine
8. (00:07:46) Carissa's Wierd - the ghost of a dead hummingbird flying around the room
9. (00:10:44) Carissa's Wierd - the part about the vine thats growing through the window and reaching towards...
10. (00:03:16) Carissa's Wierd - you should be at home here